Rant on MS

So. I’m trying to learn C# (and .NET in general). Do you know how much information there is on learning .NET/C#? A LOT! Do you know how much GOOD information there is? None that’s how much.

For instance, I go to Microsoft and check out their example programs. Up until now I’ve been looking at snippets and partial projects.Β Nice! You can download a WHOLE PROJECT and load it up in Visual Studio to see how the whole project goes together. All the namespaces, classes and stuff. Now we’re cookin’ with gas! So, I do that and run it. “Cannot find reference to… yadda”. Seriously? So after some poking around, I realize that this sample depends heavily on a THIRD PARTY library. Oh really. So, I follow the download link and try to download it but now I have to register at this THIRD PARTY website to download the file. Fine. I’ll do it.

File downloaded, and FINALLY added as a reference to the project (though the instructions were less than adequate). Ok, COMPILE/RUN. Oh lookie, two windows are opening just like on the example webpage! OOOOPs. Error. Hmm. Try again. COMPILE/RUN. Ok, now no errors. The two windows come up. It’s supposed to communicate messages between the two windows. Try the program out as per the website instructions. IT DOESN’T WORK!

  • 90 minutes WASTED
  • learned NOTHING
  • frustrated muchly
  • mad == yes

I guess what I’m saying here is, if you’re going to provide examples for your own product, please be sure they WORK. Many at Microsoft don’t work or they “sort of work” but are out of date… already. And now, I’m not buying a book written a year ago as it will be WAY out of date and virtually useless.

Thanks for letting me rant πŸ™‚


New Chat

I’ve been working on a new project. It’s called ‘CHAD’ – not all chat and it’s not quite CAD. It’s CHAD! Anyway, it works a lot like IRC. You log in, select a nickname and /join a #channel. Then you start chatting with everyone else on the channel. You can also start a ‘whiteboard’ and draw basic pictures that are shared in real time with the other channel members. It’s pretty cool but I’m having some nagging issues πŸ™

For one thing, my nick/channel handling routines work 93% of the time. Dunno why they don’t work the other 7% but there it is. I would actually put this in the public domain (ie. make it available on this website) if it wasn’t for these small issues. I hate releasing stuff that doesn’t work 100%. Ah well. I should have probably spent this time writing a ‘draw script’ for mIrc and let the IRC network handle all the nick/channel details. But I didn’t. I might do that though πŸ™‚ If you DO want to mess with this, drop me an email and we can discuss it. I would love to have some online ‘testers’ πŸ™‚

So, if there’s someone out there that hasn’t heard from me in a while, this is the reason. I’ve been spending a lot of time in my office/hamshack. Too much. Just sayin’


Just an FYI: 10 to 12 meters has seen a lot of activity lately. Personally, I have made contacts from Europe to California and south into South America. Conditions change quickly but there is often plenty of time to make a QSO. I was hoping for some 6 meter activity but alas, I ran out of coax to have my 6 meter beam operational πŸ™ Stupid high coax prices vs. fixed income πŸ™

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