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I have embarked on a new project. I’ve been thinking of ways to send digital over the airways and make something like an IRC chat “over the air”. Well, I haven’t quite done that – yet. What I have so far is a fully functional BPSK31 program that works well. I have to thank the author of the .OCX PSK module for that. (I forget right now where I found that but I’ll post that info when I get around to it). This module has 4 styles of display, encodes and decodes PSK and basically has done all the hard work 🙂 The “help file” wasn’t but I did glean what I needed to interface to a VB6 project. It works exceedingly well too.

In the process of writing this, I discovered a need for macros to reduce typing, increase accuracy and generally make things easier. What I’m now working on is an extendable macro LANGUAGE. It’s very simple and here’s an example:

macro <MYCALL> {
macro <SENDCQ> {

Previous macros can be included in later macros. This turned out to be a very powerful system! Still needs some tweaking so I’ll let you know when the project is completed. 🙂

IRC Chat

Well I finally figured out how to make my IRC chat widget to open in a new tab. Good heavens it was SOOO easy too. Doh! Anyway, if you want to chat on IRC (and who wouldn’t?) you can now open it in a new tab/window and have a web based client. Very handy. If you’re a CKARC member, I’ll be on the #ckarc IRC channel during the Wednesday night net. Just sayin’

BTW, this is a full IRC client. All the usual things work: /nick, /join, /msg nickserv/chanserv, etc. Enjoy!



Unfortunately, late last night (and continuing this morning) is experiencing a DDoS (distributed denial of service). Although technically not a virus, it sure has played havock withe this IRC network. Generally, the attackers tend to get bored and move on but it’s not pretty whilst it lasts 🙁 And this is probably the worst I have ever seen. By connecting to Freenode there’s no greater chance of getting an infection but you may find channels you usually join are empty… or they may not be.

Here is something to look at in the mean time.

As far as I can tell, most servers are up but they’re just not talking to each other properly. It’s actually the strangest DDoS I’ve personally ever seen. No doubt things will return to their ‘normal’ IRC goodness but it may be a couple days. Stay tuned…


My new fully functional IRC client is almost done. Yessir. It’s been a challenge. *BUT* almost all of the bugs have been worked out – including DCC chat and DCC file send/receive. Still working on the DCC send file thing. It does actually receive files flawlessly (although, I’m testing that with a mIRC client ‘locally’) and only the DCC SEND file module left to do. Whew. Possibly in a couple days it will be ready for packaging and distribution. As always, I do accept donations 🙂

please. stand. by.


CHAD (almost) BETA!

The latest version of CHAD is now 1.0.104 and it works much better. Cleared up some MORE nagging issues. Haven’t really worked on the whiteboard part. I figured getting it to work perfect as an IRC client was more important. Stability and all that. So. I packaged it up for your enjoyment 🙂

Again, only fully tested on Windows 7 *but* should work fine on XP, *might* work on Win8 but the xyl won’t let me experiment with her computer … wha wha wha 🙂 so I just don’t know. Anyway, there it is.

CHAD Stable(r) Now!

Ok, after some personal computer issues (now solved!), CHAD is much more stable. Version 1.0.89 is now working pretty good. Undo/Redo in the !draw window isn’t perfect yet though. Now that my computer issues have been solved, I’ll get to that… yep. I will. The best thing is, I’ve changed all the drop down menus to buttons! Very much easier to navigate channels and all windows in general.

BTW, until ALL current CHAD issues are finalized, the version number reflects the “alpha” status. When CHAD goes “beta” it will be 1.1.xx in the version number instead of the current 1.0.xx numbers.

At any rate, it *does* work and makes an easier alternative to mIrc and some of the other mainstream IRC clients (xchat, etc)… especially if you’re new to IRC. mIrc contains SO much that it might be a little tough to navigate whereas CHAD is very simple! I haven’t actually tried it on any other IRC networks, so for now, stick to Freenode. You don’t actually have a choice right now anyway. Freenode is VERY stable and only seldom has netsplits.

Visit the Download page (or the IRC Chat page), and download/install it today!


Now available on the website… CHAD! Just go to the download section and get it. It’s in a standard .zip file format so it shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve only tested it using Windows 7 but it should work OK on XP. Remember though, this is just an Alpha version. It “does” work but obviously a little clunky. Since I wrote it, I probably will have less problems than you 🙁 To begin with, you MUST make sure ports 6665 to 6667 (standard IRC server ports) as well as port 113 (standard IRC IDENTD port) are open through your router/firewall.

If I couldn’t get something to work with any level of reliability, I just commented out the code so if you click on something and it doesn’t work, don’t worry – I’m saving you the headache 🙂 (example. REDO on the drawing window, OP/VOICE/BAN, etc in the channel window).

So, have the fun! I’ll be updating it from time-to-time so keep an eye out…

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