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I took the plunge into digital ham radio. Yes sir, got a spanking new FT1DR handy talkie with all the trimmings (well, spkr/cam mic and RT Systems software). First off, the RT Systems software (although recommended) doesn’t work worth a damn – $35US wasted. Oh well live and learn right? So next I tried CHIRP. It *sort of* saw the radio but not well enough to work properly. I decided I’d try the FREE Yaesu software. Worked perfect first try. Go figure right?

After playing with the unit – and finally programming it via software – I find the radio is excellent! Very good TX and RX audio (only tried FM mode so far). The radio has built in GPS/APRS and both of those work perfectly as well.

Scanning memory channels is at least as fast as any scanner I currently own. Now that’s something as I’m used to having ham radios (even the Kenwood V71a) that scan very, very slowly. This radio also includes receive coverage from 500khz to over 900Mhz. I haven’t played with that aspect much yet though.

All in all, so for I find it an excellent radio and I’ll keep you posted as I find out more about it. 🙂

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  1. It turns out the Yaesu supplied antenna is pretty crappy. Luckily I read on a forum that others were having issues and after they swapped out antennas, all was well. Yaesu (for some ridiculous reason) puts a (basically) scanner antenna on the radio. Well, I – and most everyone – bought the radio for the HAM bands. I don’t mind sacrificing some performance on other bands as long as the primary function works perfectly. I was beginning to think my Baofeng UV5R was out-performing this radio. We’ll see after the new antenna arrives.

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