FT1DR APRS Messaging

How to do stuff on the FT1DR – TX/RX APRS MESSAGES

Check your messages
press [F] [0]
press [0]
messages marked “>” are ones sent BY you
messages marked “<” are ones sent TO you
press [ENT] to read them
while in reading mode, press [GM] to respond to the message (as below)

Send a message to anyone (not on a list)
press [F] [0]
press [GM]
clear the call/ssid field (press [A/B], select CLR or CLRALL, press [V/M])
enter call/ssid
compose message
long press [ENT] to send

Respond to a message sent to you
press [F] [0]
press [0]
scroll to a message you’d like to respond to
press [ENT] [GM]
compose message
long press [ENT] to send

Send a text to someone that is on the list
press [F] [0]
scroll to station you want to send a message to
press [ENT]
press [GM]
this brings up the msg compose screen with the call/ssid filled in
compose message
long press [ENT] to send

The ‘compose’ screen
once you have made it to the compose area of a message,
you can just start a new msg using the keypad – like old school phones
or you can insert a “canned” msg by:
press [A/B]
press again CLR
press again INSERT mode
press again CLRALL
press again DELETE mode
press 1: msg one
press 2: msg #2
press 3: etc

pressing [V/M] is like pressing Enter here – it inserts your canned message
key [0] is for space, punctuation and special characters

9 thoughts on “FT1DR APRS Messaging

  1. Your info is very helpful for this radio, so please don’t misconstrue my comment as criticism. It is a constructive future design suggestion.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if these radios were as easy to use as our smart phones? I believe the first radio company to produce a handheld or mobile radio that is as easy to use as a smart phone for calling, receiving, texting, taking and sending pictures and videos, and transferring files will sell more radios than they ever dreamed possible. Understandably, there are bandwidth limitations but that doesn’t get in the way of ease of use. Food for thought…

    • I couldn’t agree more. In this day and age, there’s really no excuse for not having a radio that isn’t fully touch screen, takes decent pictures (and snds them as quickly as EasyPal) and charges from a USB phone charger – to name a few things.

  2. I was just reading about APRS now able to send email. To do this, send a message to EMAIL and include the email address as the first part of the message. It looks like I need to insert a “@” in the message field to do this. I looked at the options using 0 on the keypad to select special characters but @ is not included. Is there a way?

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