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I have embarked on a new project. I’ve been thinking of ways to send digital over the airways and make something like an IRC chat “over the air”. Well, I haven’t quite done that – yet. What I have so far is a fully functional BPSK31 program that works well. I have to thank the author of the .OCX PSK module for that. (I forget right now where I found that but I’ll post that info when I get around to it). This module has 4 styles of display, encodes and decodes PSK and basically has done all the hard work 🙂 The “help file” wasn’t but I did glean what I needed to interface to a VB6 project. It works exceedingly well too.

In the process of writing this, I discovered a need for macros to reduce typing, increase accuracy and generally make things easier. What I’m now working on is an extendable macro LANGUAGE. It’s very simple and here’s an example:

macro <MYCALL> {
macro <SENDCQ> {

Previous macros can be included in later macros. This turned out to be a very powerful system! Still needs some tweaking so I’ll let you know when the project is completed. 🙂

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