DMR Bitchin’

On the DMR Facebook page a member asks this: “Can anyone tell me if the DR3000 can act as a dual mode repeater?”. In essence, can the repeater be set up to pass digital as well as analog? Another member answers: “Yes it can but i think dmr-marc frown on dual mode and deny access to their network.”. Yep. It’s true! The DMR-MARC network does not allow hams (who are by nature experimenters) to access the system with anything but Moto protocols. Ridiculous.

My comment:

One of the biggest drawbacks to DMR-MARC network is this one issue. In the analog world (or most ham environments), if we want to exchange data/voice to other repeaters by fairy princesses (as long as they are licensed amateurs of course) it’s allowed. Where does the DMR-MARC network get off not allowing hams to experiment? In fact, if dual mode WAS allowed, DMR-MARC would be our clubs system of choice and would allow clubs everywhere to adopt it.

This “no analog on the system” would/should certainly be the case in the commercial world (which DMR was designed for) but I see no reason to disallow it in the ham environment.

Oh well.

‘Nuff said.

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