Raspberry Pi

I finally broke down and purchased a Pi. Yep, the whole thing. Pi, case, PSU, HDMI cable, WiFi and pre-loaded SD card. Assembled it, hooked it up to the little TV, turned it on – presto, a Linux computer. Up and running in like 10 minutes. I’ll say this though, it’s no speed demon. I tried “surfing the web” but unless you are VERY patient, it isn’t going to be a blazing fast experience. But I didn’t really buy it to provide media services or anything like that. No, I bought it to experiment with ham radio applications.

I’m still not “exactly” sure what I’ll use it for. And, I’ll probably still need a GPIO cable to do anything useful. Still, it’s an extremely powerful little box. One can program it in Ruby or Python (preferred) or really any language you want to load in. It does include a GUI in the Raspbian operating system. And it does work pretty slick. The GUI however takes a LOT of horse power – it’s more designed as a controller in text mode. Which is fine.

For $67 CDN you can’t really go wrong. I’d use it in a pinch if all my other computers, tablets, phones somehow stopped working. Being able to hook it up to any modern TV is a large bonus. I’m going to try the 42″ TV – man, that will be a big monitor!


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